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Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Did you know that data from public health England showed that in 2015 a quarter of five year olds in England experienced tooth decay and the majority of cases of tooth decay in children under six were untreated.

There were nearly 8000 cases of children aged five and under having a tooth extracted in hospital under general anaesthetic because of tooth decay and it was the most common reason for hospital admission for children aged five to nine in 2015 - 2016.

HOWEVER... Did you know that NHS dental treatment is FREE for children under 18 or under 19 and in qualifying full time education?!

Despite this the Faculty of Dental Surgeons (FDS) datasheet shows that 42% of children did not see an NHS dentist in 2016 - 2017. The average five year old comsumes their own body weight in sugar each year and sugary drinks make up 29% of 11 - 18 year olds sugar intake!


First we need to remember, tooth decay is preventable in 90% of children.

There are many steps we can take to prevent children's oral health from deteriorating to that stage.

STEP 1: Regular brushing with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day including last thing at night, this is the most important as the fluoride continues to protect your child's teeth whist in bed.

. Best to use a toothbrush with a small head and medium textured bristles. A manual or electric toothbrush can be used.

. Children up to six who do not have tooth decay should be using toothpaste that contains at least 1000 parts per million of fluoride.

. For maximum prevention of tooth decay for children aged 0-6 years toothpastes containing 1350 - 1500 parts per million fluoride should be used.

. Children under 3 years should use a smear of toothpaste, children aged 3-6 years should be using a pea sized amount.

. When brushing it is recommended that excess toothpaste is spat out but the mouth IS NOT RINSED! Rinsing the mouth washes away fluoride and makes it less effective.

STEP 2: Parents or carers should brush or supervise brushing until children are at least 7 years old

. Brushing should start with fluoride toothpaste as soon as their first tooth appears.

. Children should be seen by an NHS dentist from the point at which they get their first tooth and then at regular intervals for prevention advice.

STEP 3: Reducing the consumption of foods and drinks that contain sugars.

. Children should only be having sweet foods including dried fruit at mealtimes.

Let's give our children the best oral health start possible!!!

Any further questions feel free to contact your QuickPharm team!!

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